2019-05-23At the TAUS QE Summit in Dublin in 2018, the attendees assigned TAUS to take on the task to bring together the experts and present the industry the best practices for Transcreation.

Based on their professional experiences, the editorial board members Alvaro Villalvilla Merelo (Senior Global Localization Manager, Nike), Angela Petrilli (Translation Regional Manager, Workday), Makiko Aoki (Senior Transcreation Manager, Burberry), Vladimir Zhdanov (Localization Specialist, ex-Alibaba Group) chaired by Paul Mangell (Director, Global Strategic Consultancy, Alpha) came together to discuss and agree on:

  • What transcreation really is
  • How to differentiate it from other industry terms
  • Steps to produce excellence in transcreation
  • Importance of cultural relevance and emergence story of transcreation

TAUS Transcreation Guidelines also include:

  • A glossary of agreed industry terms and definitions in comparison to transcreation
  • Peculiar examples of transcreation
  • Transcreation Content Pyramid

This document is the first and only best practices and guidelines for transcreation within the translation industry.