Keynotes Fall 2018

Global Intelligent Content Delivery in the Age of AI

TAUS Annual Conference is always the trendsetter of the year. We see making the takeaways available

for those who couldn't be there as a duty to help improve the translation and localization industry.

This year's topics included: 

  • Content Makes the World Go Round
  • Quantum Leap: Human Parity is Near
  • Going Vocal Duet: Getting Closer
  • Blockchain 
  • The CEO Conversation
  • The Follow the Data Conversation
  • Gig Economy 
  • Geolinguistic Shifts 
  • The Connectivity Dispute
  • Self-Learning Content Delivery 

If you want a full briefing you can download the full version, or if you have no time to read, you can get the infographic version!

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